We invite you to participate in a small regional conference dedicated to the theme of Promising Pedagogies in International Teacher Education. The conference will focus on presenting international research on pedagogies of teacher selection, reflection, narrative ways of knowing, identity, mentoring, teacher leadership, diversity, parents and family, social justice and technology. Participants are invited to present studies on how particular studied pedagogies work in practice in their particular milieus and conditions; and how these might be transferable to other action settings dotted elsewhere in the world. The conference aims at increasing knowledge exchange and mobilization by unearthing the conditions underlying successful borrowing and seeding of pedagogies.

The conference celebrates the expansion of ISATT (International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching) into Israel.

Researchers from more than 10 countries worldwide will be participating in the conference, amongst which well-known scholars, such as Kari Smith from Norway, Maria Assunção Flores from Portugal, Stefinee Pinnegar and Mary Lynn Hamilton from the U.S.

The conference will take place on the 4th and 5th of December 2016 at the Faculty of Education, The University of Haifa, Haifa -Israel.
The conference venue is Promising Pedagogies in International Teacher Education.

The conference is organized by Lily Orland-Barak from the University of Haifa in cooperation with Cheryl Craig from The University of Texas A & M.